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Muse can bring his experience to you. Muse has appeared in 42 feature films including Sommersby, Assassins, Something to Talk About, Rosewood, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Dusk ‘til Dawn II, I Still Know, Austin Powers II, and Songcatcher. Television appearances include JAG, American Gothic, Matlock, and Saturday Night Live. He has shared scenes with Julia Roberts, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Robert Patrick, Jason Robards, Jon Voight, Sly Stallone, Harvey Kietel, Mike Myers Robert DuVall, Richard Gere, Janet McTeer, and Aidan Quinn. Seven of his films have grossed over 800 million dollars.

Guest Speaking. Who would young people listen to about violence in schools? Maybe the actor who created the serial killer "Ben Willis" from the I Know What You Did Last Summer series of movies. Muse speaks with humor to groups of young adults and children alike about alternative ways of dealing with anger. Each young person can go away with a new sense of empowerment over his fears and frustrations and a personally dedicated and signed photo of the actor.

Classes. "Acting" is taught in many schools — Muse Watson teaches the "business." Many talented young people dream of moving to Hollywood to become film stars. Very few have anyone that can explain to them what they can expect when they begin to negotiate the path to becoming an actor who actually makes a living. Muse believes that young people should understand that they have a better chance of winning the lottery than making a living as an actor. That said, he tells them what they will need to know to succeed in the business.

Classes include:

To Be or Not To Be…  Should you, can you, be an actor — an introduction to acting as an art and as a business.

So You Want to be in Pictures…  The truth about the business of acting — the odds, finances, representation and the ‘reality’ of Hollywood.

Personal Appearances. Muse Watson is available to make personal appearances for any occasion.
Write us for availability and information on fees.

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