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What the critics are saying...

"You did a terrific job…you really brought the character to life. I am so impressed by your performance as Franks that I’m looking for ways to try to bring you back... you are one of the unsung actors of film and television that give better than what they get on the page."
                           Don Bellisario, Executive Producer, NCIS


"Inside the prison, there is another layer of intrigue from...mysterious prisoners, including Muse Watson as a wise old lifer named...Westmoreland."
                                               David Bianculli, New York Daily News

"Muse Watson makes the part of Charles Westmoreland, an older convict with a pet cat, more than just a prison-movie cliché."
                                               Maureen Ryan, Chicago Tribune

"The cast is fantastic...My favorite so far? The guy with the cat who may or may not be D.B. Cooper...a fun and intriguing character."
                                               Michael Patrick Sullivan,

"The [Prison Break]stand outs, however, are Muse Watson as Charles
Westmoreland... Watson lends his character a sense of grace and poise under the most dire of circumstances."
                                               Erik Martinez, DVD Town

"Bringing in Muse Watson [for the monologue] was a brilliant stroke. It's funny watching these two at each other's throats in I Know What You Did Last Summer, and then singing love songs here."
                                               Jordan Davidson, Saturday Night

"Then all of a sudden, when Muse Watson enters the scene and makes his presence known, everything changes. The movie [If I Die Before I Wake] immediately grabs you by the throat and never lets go."
                                               Keith Bailey, Unknown

"[Dead Birds] We also get a short appearance from Muse Watson in here which is always appreciated."

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