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Muse Watson is an actor whose passion and excitement for his craft is evident. Whether he is performing for stage, screen, or television, each role is meticulously studied until the character comes to life. With characters this real, it is amazing to see the variety in his body of work.

Having appeared in 44 feature length films, Muse has shared scenes with Julia Roberts, Jason Robards, Janet McTeer, Robert DuVall, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jon Voight, Sly Stalone, Richard Gere, Harvey Kietel, Mike Myers, Don Cheadle, Robert Patrick, Wentworth Miller, Mark Harmon, Jennie Garth, Dominic Purcell, and Stacy Keach to name a few.

Muse recurs on "NCIS"

Watch for Muse in the CBS hit TV show “NCIS” on
Tuesdays, created and written by Don Bellisario and
arring Mark Harmon as Agent Gibbs. Muse plays retired
Special Agent Mike Franks, who was Gibbs’ mentor.
Gibbs learned
everything he knows from Franks,
Muse’s character, including the famous Gibbs slap.



Muse in Fox hit "Prison Break"

Muse is Charles Westmoreland in the award-winning
first season of "Prison Break," also starring
Wentworth Miller
and Dominic Purcell.
The show's first season was chosen
as the People's Choice "Best New Drama" for 2006,
nominated for two Golden Globe awards and
is now available on DVD.



Also appearing in...

"Close to Home." Muse is the father in the "A Father's Story" episode on this CBS show. Aired on November 25th, the story delves into the heartbreak of a father who loses a child and wrestles with justice for her killer.

"Safeway." Watch for Muse as a rough and tough cowboy who heats up his coffee by getting struck by lightning on a national commercial.

Muse is represented by

Todd Justice, Agent

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